Shaping the cut

Restoration work on the Mntgomery Canal 2021

Shropshire Union Canal Society volunteers resumed work in March, continuing the restoration of the 330 metre dry section of the Montgomery Canal, at Crickheath.

When finished, this section of the Montgomery Canal will link the national network of canals, to the winding hole at Crickheath, which is already in water.

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Volunteers return after the Lockdown

Before the lockdown, the Shropshire Union Canal Society had been making good progress restoring the canal between Lloyds Animal Feeds compound and Crickheath despite the heavy rain at the beginning of March.

During their absence however, the canal had quickly become overgrown and so volunteers had to start by clearing weeds and a fallen tree on the first working party which took place on 24th – 26th July.

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Restoration on the Monty due to resume

The Shropshire Union Canal Society has announced that restoration work on the Montgomery Canal is to resume following the enforced cessation due to Covid 19.

The lockdown followed an incredibly wet winter and seriously affected plans to complete the remaining dry section of the channel, to link the national network with the newly constructed winding hole terminus at Crickheath in 2021. Now, however, planning is taking place to resume activities in August, albeit, with a much more regimented and selective approach than before.

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