Building Company supports the restoration of Schoolhouse Bridge

A local building business has offered much needed support to the appeal to rebuild the road bridge over the Montgomery Canal near Oswestry.

Mr Griffiths of Tudor Griffiths Group has agreed to supply building materials for the new bridge at Crickheath near Pant in Shropshire at cost, which will mean that funds raised towards the restoration of the bridge will go much further.

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Brain of Monty quiz 2020

A photo of the quiz paper

Yes it’s back! The popular Brain of Monty quiz is back. Raising much needed funds for the ongoing restoration of the Montgomery Canal.

So once again you can have hours of fun deciphering the MONTY clues – however there is a change this year as numbers 18 and 32 have MONT in the question rather than the answer; but remember if not in the question then MONT must appear in the answer – confusing? Well don’t blame me as I have only used the tie-breaker questions from 2018. Not sure why a couple of people got it the wrong way round.

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