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We often see comments about the vegetation on the Montgomery Canal towpath and how it can impede enjoyment of the canal. Could you volunteer to help keep them clear?

Most canal towpaths are owned by the Canal & River Trust (CRT) and so if you have questions related to the vegetation on the canal the best approach is to go to

Says Chris Bushnell, one of the local volunteer co-ordinators, it is worth noting that most towpaths are not public rights of way and the Canal & River Trust allows the public to use them as ‘permissive paths’. Consequently while the Trust does its best to clear paths during the growing season there is no obligation for them to do so.

On the Montgomery Canal there are two volunteer teams who meet once per week to help the Canal & River Trust with maintenance and have been trying to keep the vegetation clear of the paths. This has to be done within constraints laid down because much of the canal is a Site of Special Scientific Interest. So if you want the towpaths to be kept clear for yourself and other walkers and cyclists why not join the volunteers?

Chris Bushnell, third from left, with other volunteers

Chris Bushnell said: “The TRAMPS volunteers meet every Thursday for canal and towpath maintenance between Berriew and Burgedin, but also respond to requests from CRT to complete projects outside that area. We can respond to these requests only if we have sufficient volunteers so we always welcome new members of the team who have a love for the canal”

The Welshpool Adoption Group – TRAMPS: contact Chris Bushnell –
The Friday Group: contact Martin Watson CRT Volunteer Co-ordinator –

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  1. This is a valuable and timely post. I’m sure that lots of people would like to help, and ‘do their bit’, but don’t know how to go about it, or feel that they would be treading on other people’s toes by simply cutting a local hedgerow or strimming ‘their’ section of towpath. By contacting Chris or Martin, they can quickly find out what they can do.

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