Four travel soaps & a tin

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Four travel soaps & a tin – 40g each soap.

These round travel soaps feature a bee motif and each pack contains four soaps (as below) along with a reusable metal travel tin.

1. Mango travel soap – This is an unperfumed soap.

2. Mango and Lemon Travel soap – This soap is scented using lemon essential oils.

3. Mango and Lime Travel soap – This soap is scented using Lime essential oils.

4. Mango and Grapefruit Travel soap – This soap is scented using Grapefruit essential oils.

Our soap products are made by a family run business with strong environmental principles and are handmade in Wales, close to the Montgomery Canal.

They contain no palm oil, artificial fragrances or colourants and the formulations used have been certificated and registered and are not tested on animals and environmentally friendly.

Our range of natural handmade soaps are excellent cleansers, naturally anti-bacterial and contain naturally occurring glycerine that gives them added moisturise.

Plastic Free – packaged using recycled and compostable materials.

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3 reviews for Four travel soaps & a tin

  1. Sean

    Lovely soft soap that made a nice lather even in our fairly hard water. Lovely fragrance.

  2. Lesley

    Really nice soap which felt creamy and rich and smelt lovely

  3. Rosemary

    Liked it being a solid soap
    Loved the bee on the front
    Glad it wasn’t too highly perfumed
    Nice lather

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