Wellbeing is bit of a buzzword at the moment but to us it is all about happiness and feeling both mentally and physically well.

Our canals – and especially the Montgomery Canal – offer us all a space to think and reflect as well as getting active. Whether sitting on a bench or lock gate to read a book or listen quietly to music or walking your dog on the towpath or taking part in our Montgomery Canal Triathlon, the Monty is a perfect place to be.

A sense of wellbeing seems to be enhanced by water and canals give many people access to water and wildlife on their doorstep. In landlocked Shropshire and Powys, rivers, lakes and canals are our connection to water and eventually the sea. Thanks to the rural nature of the Montgomery Canal, the towpath is a quiet space ideal for relaxation and contemplation. Away from big cities, the pace by the canal is relaxing and free from pollution and noise.

We hope this website will help you discover more about the Montgomery Canal, it’s wildlife, history and landscapes and inspire you to come and visit.

Our canals can not only reconnect us to nature and wildlife, but they can also bring our industrial heritage to life. Along the Monty you will find a number of historic buildings and the canal is often visited by historic narrowboats like Saturn, a restored Shropshire Flyboat.

There are many ways of enjoying our canal. Getting on the water in a boat, walking and cycling, fishing and photography are all great ways of enjoying the Montgomery Canal.

For many people the physical and intellectual challenges of bringing the Montgomery Canal back to life through restoration is a unique contribution they can make to the future of the canal and people get a great sense of pride and satisfaction from their efforts.

Indeed, it’s thanks to hundreds of these people that we can now see the canal as a beautiful place to visit.