Shaping the cut

Restoration work on the Mntgomery Canal 2021

Shropshire Union Canal Society volunteers resumed work in March, continuing the restoration of the 330 metre dry section of the Montgomery Canal, at Crickheath.

When finished, this section of the Montgomery Canal will link the national network of canals, to the winding hole at Crickheath, which is already in water.

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Building Company supports the restoration of Schoolhouse Bridge

A local building business has offered much needed support to the appeal to rebuild the road bridge over the Montgomery Canal near Oswestry.

Mr Griffiths of Tudor Griffiths Group has agreed to supply building materials for the new bridge at Crickheath near Pant in Shropshire at cost, which will mean that funds raised towards the restoration of the bridge will go much further.

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More progress on Montgomery Canal restoration

Digger on the Montgomery Canal for the reinstatement of Schoolhouse Bridge

After four years of preparation, work on the Montgomery Canal restoration took another step forward as the programme to rebuild Schoolhouse Bridge, south of Crickheath, near Oswestry, got under way.

The initial phase of this project involves enclosing land at the bridge site generously provided by adjoining farmers. A trackway will be laid to allow larger vehicles to by-pass the site when the lane is closed with a diversionary route provided for this popular section of the towpath.

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Canal Clearance work started south of Crickheath

Volunteers on the towpath of the Montgomery Canal

The Shropshire Union Canal Society started work at the beginning of August on clearing the vegetation on the next dry section of the Montgomery Canal at Crickheath in Shropshire.

This clearance marks a milestone in the recent restoration work as it sees work on a section south of the current restoration efforts and it will facilitate the inspection of the canal bed and walls at Crickheath Wharf to assess remedial work needed.

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