Shaping the cut

Restoration work on the Mntgomery Canal 2021

Shropshire Union Canal Society volunteers resumed work in March, continuing the restoration of the 330 metre dry section of the Montgomery Canal, at Crickheath.

When finished, this section of the Montgomery Canal will link the national network of canals, to the winding hole at Crickheath, which is already in water.

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Guilsfield Arm Rejuvenated

National waterways charity Canal & River Trust has recently commissioned some work to be carried out on the Guilsfield Arm which is a designated Nature Reserve. It is a tranquil area to walk in and to observe nature but over the years has become more overgrown and water has struggled to make its’ way down the channel.

 Dredging took place a few years ago which helped and cleared the drainage outlets from the neighbouring fields but it soon naturalised again with water plants.  However, workers have recently been clearing the banks of vegetation and doing some coppicing work on both sides of the channel in the area from Burgedin to Bridge no. 2 at Deep cutting in advance of the bird nesting season. 

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Public Notice on Schoolhouse Bridge

Anyone visiting the Schoolhouse bridge near Crickheath will see a very official looking notice posted at  the restoration site. 

The Secretary of State gives notice of the proposal to make an Order under section 247 of the above Act to authorise the stopping up of two part-widths of Long Lane, at the site of the former School House Bridge, at Oswestry in Shropshire.

                                                                                                    …but what does it mean?

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Pick up plastic on the Montgomery Canal

Bill Bailey gets active to fight plastic

The Canal & River Trust and Strictly Come Dancing winner Bill Bailey are calling on visitors to canals to boost their health and happiness and make a difference in their local communities by joining the fight against plastic pollution.

According to the Canal & River Trust, canals and rivers have been havens for mental and physical health during the pandemic, with more weekly visits to local towpaths since last March in many areas. However, this has been accompanied by a rise in littering, up 68% in 2020, putting the nation’s precious waterway wildlife habitats at risk and causing an unsightly problem.

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