Schoolhouse Bridge

Schoolhouse Bridge in Crickheath near Pant in Shropshire was levelled some sixty years ago. Now thanks to a massive fundraising campaign it is being rebuilt.

As Friends of the Montgomery Canal we are proud to be part of the Restore the Montgomery Canal! appeal, which is promoted by the Montgomery Waterway Restoration Trust with support from the Shropshire Union Canal Society (Charity No. 245875) and Inland Waterways Association (Charity No. 612245), Shrewsbury District & North Wales branch. Why not watch the video below to see how the bridge over the Monty between Crickheath and Pant in Shropshire was buit using pre-cast concrete.

Will you help us?

You can give now at: to help us support the volunteers who are working to restore the canal from Crickheath towards Schoolhouse Bridhe.

Thank you!