Schoolhouse Bridge

We want to rebuild Schoolhouse Bridge in Crickheath near Pant in Shropshire.

As Friends of the Montgomery Canal we are proud to be part of the Restore the Montgomery Canal! appeal, which is promoted by the Montgomery Waterway Restoration Trust with support from the Shropshire Union Canal Society (Charity No. 245875) and Inland Waterways Association (Charity No. 612245), Shrewsbury District & North Wales branch. Our current focus is to rebuild Schoolhouse Bridge over the Monty between Crickheath and Pant in Shropshire.

Will you help us?

Schoolhouse Bridge was blocked sixty years ago. It’s the most significant obstruction on the Montgomery Canal in Shropshire. The bridge reconstruction will be the biggest volunteer-led project in the restoration of the Montgomery Canal.

We have to close the road, remove the present embankment and build the bridge – in a few months! Not only are we looking for volunteers to help work on Schoolhouse Bridge but also people who can afford to donate to help make our vision a reality.

We will use contractors where it is efficient to do so. But we are also relying on the help of volunteers. Over many decades volunteers have worked wonders on the Montgomery Canal and on other canal projects across the country. Can you help? Please get in touch –

We have already raised over £500,000 from generous supporters with single donations and monthly payments added to more substantial donations from charitable trusts and elsewhere. After Covid delays costs are increasing. So we need one last push to fund the project.

A generous supporter has offered to match every £1 of the first £50,000 donations.

With a 25p tax rebate from Gift Aid, your £1 becomes £2.25 – £10 becomes £22.50 – and £25 is worth £56.25 for our appeal.

You can give now at:

Thank you!